Monday, May 22, 2006

Music survey

Purpose of the survey

This survey is about music. This report shows what the people think about the bands of music, the kind of music that they listen to and some knowledge about this subject. We will see who are their favourite musicians or instruments.


The people who responded to our survey come from everywhere on earth but mostly from America about 56.6%. Our survey is formed with ten multiple choice questions. This shows a good idea about the kind of music that the people like.


We had 53 respondents on our survey and this report is not only on one way. The most popular kind of music is ‘’Rock’’ with only 28.8% and the other kinds are similar in percentage. The people buy between zero to five cd’s per year in average. For the instruments, the guitar is still the most popular with 34.6%, drums and piano follow it with 21.2% each. We asked a question about the worst bands of all time and 52.9% of the people think that all the bands we gave were very bad. The majority of people listen to music in their car and at home with 38.5% each. You can see our results in the appendix.


Most of people listen to new music of the 00’ with 31.4% but the 60’s and the 70’s are tied in second place with 17.6% each. Ironically, the best guitarist of all time is Jimi Hendrix with 42% and he played during the 60’s and the beginning of the 70’s. So the people still like the old music because today it’s not like it was before. We asked two very easy questions about the knowledge of the respondents. They did well with 85.7% on the question on who was Kurt Cobain but it was the most skipped question with a 4 on 53 so maybe they just not respond because they didn’t know it. 76.9% of the people know that Elvis is dead. These last two questions show clearly that the respondents have good knowledge about music.


The goal of our survey was to see what was the favorite kind of music of the people and all the things in relation to that. We did not include a box to write an other answer than the checkboxes so we can’t know what was the real answer of these respondents. The results are not very representative because we have only 53 respondents and we didn’t ask the age so we cannot say that it is representative for a specific class but it can gives a good average.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Montreal City

Montreal is the greatest town of Quebec. There is something special in the air than you cannot explain. When you are on St-Laurent street a Friday night at 12h00, it’s like being in a festival. The street is full of people and the traffic is there more than ever. I like the concept of square streets in Montreal. It’s simple, easy to find something. When you are at Quebec, the streets change name three time in one kilometer and the streets curve on all sides. There are no logical sense at Quebec. For the bars, there is a lot more bars in Montreal. It's also during a show of the Animals tour in 1977 in Montreal, when Roger Waters, the basist of Pink Floyd, was inspired, after the famous incident, for their next album, The Wall. For those reasons I think Montreal is a great town to live.